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Informal Assessment Reviews for the 2024 Town-wide Revaluation Project have been completed.


If a change has been made on your 2024 assessment, you will be notified in writing, vial US Mail, in early May showing your new assessment. 

If you have not received said notification, your assessment most likely has not been changed. You may also check with the Assessors’ office after May 1st to see if your assessment has changed. 

If you are planning to grieve your assessment, you will need to submit a completed, dated, and signed form RP-524 along with supporting documentation to the Assessor no earlier than May 1st.  Completed grievance form RP-524 should be submitted to the Assessor by May 23rd.   

Grievance Day will be held on Thursday, May 30th in the Chestertown Municipal Center meeting room, located at 6307 State Route 9, Chestertown, NY during the following hours:

10am-1pm         2pm-5pm           6pm-8pm

*** Grievance applications will not be accepted prior to May 1st ***

Form RP-524 and associated instructions may be found on-line at or at the Assessors’ office.

This notice dated April 1, 2024