As of 2019, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) required all seniors who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption to register with them by enrolling in their Income Verification Program (IVP). Their stated purpose was for them to be able to determine who qualifies for the Enhanced STAR, not having seniors renew every year with their local Assessor. 

When this was implemented Assessors were told that the DTF would be able to examine the income of everyone enrolled in the Enhanced STAR program, whether if they filed state income tax returns or not. We (Assessors), in turn, passed this info onto those who enrolled in the DTF income verification program when they signed up. However, This Is Not The Case as it was recently discovered that the DTF is NOT able to determine incomes for seniors who do not file state income tax returns. Because of this, the DTF is mailing letters to those seniors who do not file NYS income tax returns and asking them to fill in their income. If you receive such a letter, BE SURE to fill it out and mail it back to them (the DTF, not your Assessor) at the address and within the time-frame specified in the letter. Please do not return it to your Assessor.