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Please be advised that on June 13, 2023, the Town of Chester Town Board adopted Local Law No. 4 of 2023, a Local Law Regulating Short-Term Rentals, with an effective date of August 01, 2023. A copy of the Local Law can be obtained at the Town Planning and Zoning Office or found online on the Town website by clicking here.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Local Law, a Short-Term Rental Permit shall be obtained prior to using the Short-Term Rental Dwelling Unit as a Short-Term Rental. Short-Term Rental Permits are non-transferrable and do not expire. If a Short-Term Rental Dwelling Unit is sold or otherwise transferred, at any time that the new owner plans to utilize the Dwelling Unit as a Short-Term Rental, the new owner must apply for and obtain a new Short-Term Rental Permit within sixty (60) days of the planned date of rental.

The Town of Chester Short-Term Rental Permit Application (including instructions) can be found here. Please read through the instructions carefully and contact the Warren County Department of Fire Prevention and Building Codes at 518-761-6542 to schedule an inspection of your Short-Term Rental Property, as this inspection report will need to be submitted with the Application.

Please also note that the Planning and Zoning Office will begin accepting Applications any time after October 01, 2023. Any Short-Term Rental Permit Applications received on or after January 01, 2024 will have an additional after-the-fact surcharge applied to the Application fee of $100.00.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Town of Chester Planning and Zoning Office at 518-494-7369.