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Senior Citizens Low Income Exemption Notice

It’s That Time Again.  March 1, 2024 is the Deadline to either Apply or Renew for Senior Property Tax Exemptions.

If your property in the Town of Chester is your “Legal Residence” -- i.e. living there at least six (6) months out of the year and you do not receive any exemptions for any other property you might own either in New York or other state -- and you are at least 65 years old (or turning 65 during this year) you may qualify for an exemption that would reduce future property tax bills. 

Eligibility is based on the owner’s (including spouse’s) annual income.  Income includes total Social Security, Pensions, Wages, Interest, etc.  The maximum amount that you can earn is $37,399 to qualify for a County exemption and $32,399 to qualify for a Town exemption. This is GROSS income, not NET income. 

Applicants must provide income statements for tax year 2022 along with proof of age and residency as well as submit a completed application RP-467 which is available on-line or at our office. 

If you believe you might qualify for the exemptions, you may contact the Assessor’s office at (518) 494-3515 during business hours.  

All paperwork MUST be received by the Assessor's office by no later than March 1st, 2024.  Incomplete Applications WILL NOT be processed. 

[NOTE: If you already receive the Senior Exemption, you can disregard this notice.  Also note, this is NOT for the STAR exemption]